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Online Dental Front Office Training Courses

The experience your dental office provides matters and if you want to treat more patients and gain more referrals, then continual dental office training is the key to practice growth. Learn the basics to advance techniques within all of our dental training courses to help manage and run your dental practice more efficiently and profitability. 

Dental Receptionist Training

The dental front office receptionist is the face of the dental practice and is often the first and last point of contact with patients. Every new employee should start with our dental receptionist training courses.

36 Modules

Dental Treatment Coordinator Training

Your priority is to assist the doctor in getting patients to understand and accept the recommended treatment and subsequently coordinate a treatment plan. Learn from a successful training program just for Dental Treatment Coordinators.

22 Modules

Dental Financial Coordinator Training

The financial aspect of a practice not only includes interaction with dental insurance companies but the dental patients too. Learn to communicate with the patient regarding dental insurance benefits and balances throughout this training program.

32 Modules

Dental Scheduler Training

During this training series, we will look at the many facets of dental scheduling, while addressing how successful scheduling helps your dental office meet their daily production goals and ultimately grow the dental practice.

38 Modules 

Dental Office Manager Training

You are an extension of the doctor(s) and you will oversee the patient flow and daily operations of the dental practice. We’ll support you as a Dental Office Manager and help you train your team. This training program covers everything you need as an office manager.

31 Modules

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