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Dental Financial Coordinator Training Course Outline

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Financial Coordinator Training Course: Benefit Breakdown Form

The Financial Coordinator serves a vital role on the front office team as this position ensures that the office is paid. Part of your job is to work directly with insurance companies and knowing how to work with them, get the best estimates possible and following up to make sure the office receives payment can be a complex process. The financial aspect of a practice not only includes interaction with insurance companies, but the patients themselves. It is your job to communicate with the patient regarding their account, insurance benefits and balances; however, most importantly expressing the patient’s financial obligation to the practice for the treatment they have received. A well-managed patient account is paid on time and in full. As you will see in this course, a significant part of the Financial Coordinator’s job is to help the patient fully understand their insurance benefits and that the office will work with them to maximize those benefits, but that the ultimate goal is to get them and keep them healthy; not to focus on insurance.

Module 1 Understanding Insurance
Unit 1 Responsibilities of the Financial Coordinator
Unit 2 Duties of Financial Coordinator
Unit 3 How Dental Codes Work
Unit 4 Insurance Terms
Unit 5 Benefit Breakdown Form
Unit 6 Understanding Insurance Claims
Module 2 Dealing With Insurance
Unit 1 Understanding Employer versus Insurance Company
Unit 2 Coverage Book
Unit 3 Fee Schedule versus Coverage Book
Unit 4 Matching the Correct Patient with the Correct EOB/Payment
Unit 5 Tips for Entering Insurance Checks
Unit 6 Sending Narratives and Additional Information
Module 3 Patient Accounts
Unit 1 Purpose of Financial Insurance Position
Unit 2 Figuring Out Patient Balances – Patient Did Not Pay Last Time
Unit 3 Explaining the balance to patients
Unit 4 Account Balances – The Importance of Notes
Unit 5 Breaking Down Patient's Account
Unit 6 Family Account Billing Issues
Module 4 Billing Insurance
Unit 1 Filing Insurance Claims
Unit 2 Insurance Narrative vs Appeal
Unit 3 Steps For Entering Insurance Payments
Unit 4 Explanation of Benefits
Unit 5 Important Tips To Entering Insurance Checks
Unit 6 Entering Insurance Checks
Module 5 Billing Patients
Unit 1 Balancing a Patient Account
Unit 2 Handling Patient Balances Effectively
Unit 3 Handling and Discussing Account Balances
Module 6 Outstanding Insurance
Unit 1 Insurance Claims – The Importance of Notes & How To Use Them
Unit 2 Outstanding Insurance Claims
Unit 3 Tips for Calling on Outstanding Insurance Claims
Unit 4 How to Avoid Outstanding Insurance Claims
Unit 5 Tips to Get Insurance Claims Paid
Module 7 Financial Coordinator Training Evaluation Survey
Unit 1 Financial Coordinator Training Evaluation Survey Form