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Dental Office Manager Training

The Dentist looks to you to fix the office issues.  The Front Office relies on you to provide direction and be their advocate with the back office.  The back office just wishes the front office would get it together.  You are stuck in the middle and pulled in 20 directions.

We know and understand, because our founder and trainer Laura Hatch, was an office manager for over 20 years.

Dental Office Manager Course Outline

The role of dental office manager can change from day to day, the demands, the expectations and even the schedule. Don’t worry – the office manager module is there for you each step of the way and your day! Turn here to learn how to manage the staff, office and even the patients in the office. View the Office Manager training outline here.

Dental Office Manager Documents

As an Office Manager, would you like to better execute your daily tasks, be more effective at managing staff and create sustainable processes throughout the dental front office? We have you covered with a full document library just for office managers. From morning huddles to job descriptions, we’ve got you covered with these Office manager templates. 

Dental Office Manager Webinars

Once the office manager training foundational courses are complete, join us monthly as we dive into each aspect of the dental front office. Office managers have their hands in each position and need to communicate effectively with team members, doctors, patients, and even vendors! We can help. View Manager training webinars designed to improve your practice and help your team. 

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“The position of dental office manager can often feel like you are on an island all on your own.  The office manager is not the owner and doesn’t have the same decision-making power as the owner but is also not one of the team.  The office manager is what the corporate world would consider a mid-management. The role of the dental office manager however is key to helping a dentist grow their practice. Knowing how to work with the owner, as well as direct and motivate the team is necessary to succeeding in this role and ultimately helping the business grow.”

6 Top Documents for Office Managers

Front Office Rocks started as a tool for Laura’s own office when she had to train her team on scheduling, cancellations, no-shows, and office policies. 

Our documents will help you in your daily office manager duties.

From the morning huddle, to new hires, to job descriptions and so much more. These are some of our top pre-made documents that our dental office managers use.

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  Morning Review of Schedule

helps keep the office running smoothly and productively


a guideline and agenda for the weekly executive meeting


sample job descriptions to help your hire and build an effective team


examples and screen shots illustrating how best to track those goals.



monitor the daily, weekly and monthly tasks and responsibilities managed



From noise levels to time off and ordering supplies – we’ve got a policy for that.

An Office Manager’s Job Duties

Miracle worker was taken, this is the next best title.  Being a dental office manager can be extremely rewarding.  If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see so many people in the position for so long.

Not only do office managers get to help dental practice owners grow their businesses, they also get to mentor other dental professionals and future office managers.  Most importantly, they help patients with their dental health. Office Manager job duties can include:

  • Manage day-to-day operations
  • Oversees production goals
  • monitor patient flow
  • staff training
  • monitoring employees and filling in as needed, and more

We have an entire unit of training videos to support you as the office manager, and help you train your team to perform effectively and efficiently. 

Office Manager Support

We are not here to change what’s working, we’re here to alleviate the burden of having to do it all.

Office managers are the people who receive all patient issue escalations, and manage daily staff issues, and the doctor, who can be the position’s biggest advocate or biggest detriment.

These are only three examples of the challenges that come along with the role dental office manager.

Our documents allow for customization for your office, we have video checklists so you can assign training to each team member, and we have our team available from 8am-8pm EST on live chat to give your answers when they need it most.




We recommend watching all the video modules in each unit, but if your team is in a crisis and needs answers now…

How Can I Improve Scheduling?

For the management team, I would start...
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For your front office team, we recommend...
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How Can I Offer Better Customer Service?

For the management team, I would start...
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For your front office team, we recommend...

Think about it.  What happens in a dental office?  We put drills and needles in their mouth, and they are going to pay us thousands of dollars for something nobody is going to see—and half the time, it didn’t hurt before you touched them.  On top of that, many front desk teams behave in the same manner as a doctors office: “Sign in, take a seat, and wait to be called back”.

Whether  it’s the receptionist or the dental assistant, it is vital that your team understands what an important role they play with offering each and every patient great customer service.  They are many times one of the first employees the patients meet and most of the time have the most interaction with the patient.  The way they talk with the patient, take care of the patient and make sure they are happy while they are in the dental office, can make such an impact on whether the patient loves your office or not.

If you are concerned your team isn’t offering the best customer service, I would start with making sure you have the right policies in place ( see management response above first) and then watching this webinar together as team: How to Communicate With Dental Patients, followed by Creating The Ultimate New Dental Patient Experience. After you’ve watched the webinar recordings as a team, talk with your employees about what they think can be done differently. By including them on the discussion you are actually getting their buy-in that their voice is important and you value them. When your team is apart of the decision making they feel vested in your business and want to see it succeed. Discussing customer service as a team also gives you, the manager, the opportunity to explain the “Why” behind answering phones quickly, with a smile, and building rapport. Why handoffs are important.

We do not offer scripts. What you see through Front Office Rocks training is an understanding of how to communicate – when you know what to say – it just comes naturally.

These five videos should be a top priority for your team to watch:

How do I find and hire a new staff member for the front office?

We recommend...
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General Ask Laura questions from office managers:

I was watching the confirmation call video and you mention RevenueWell, which we also use. My question to you, what is your general opinion regarding automated appointment reminder systems? Is there a danger of relying on these too much? In other words, have these systems replaced phone calls and is there a danger that some offices may rely on them too much?
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What types of marketing have you found to be effective in attracting new patients? Also, so you have a system to rotate pieces? I saw the accountability for new pt numbers on your goals and would like more information on what you do. Thank you.
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