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Dental Receptionist Training Course Outline

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Receptionist Course Training Video:  Handling Late Patients

An important part of managing the front desk is confirming dental patient appointments. Although all appointments for the day have been confirmed, inevitably some patients still run late to their dental appointments. As the Receptionist, it is your job to do all that you can to get patients to arrive on time, but when they do run late, you need the ability to handle the situation. This receptionist training video provides suggestions and communication skills to handle the late patient.

We can confirm with patients until you are blue in the face and inevitably some patients still run late to their dental appointments. It is the job of the dental receptionist to do all that you can to get the patients to arrive on time but when they do run late, you need to know how to handle that patient. This receptionist training video will give suggestions and some verbal skills to help handle the late patient.

Our dental receptionist training course covers everything from the first phone call, to how to run the front desk efficiently, and how to ask patients for reviews and referrals.

This course track is worth 5 continuing education credits (CE) for licensed dental professionals. Preview the course outline below.

Module 1 Reception Organization and Management.
Unit 1 Purpose of The Dental Receptionist
Unit 2 Exceptional Service and Etiquette
Unit 3 Introduction to HIPAA In The Dental Practice
Unit 4 Handling Walk-in Salespeople
Unit 5 Handling Walk-in Patients
Module 2 Telephone Skills and Etiquette
Unit 1 Phone Training
Unit 2 How To Take A Good Message
Unit 3 Excellent Telephone Skills
Unit 4 How to Handle Lunches & Phone Coverage
Unit 5 Dental Emergencies
Unit 6 Patients asking for Records
Unit 7 How to Handle Phones in Front Of Patients
Module 3 Customer Service
Unit 1 Conversations with Patients
Unit 2 Waiting
Unit 3 Handling Late Patients
Unit 4 How to Handle a Disgruntled Patient
Unit 5 How to Hand Off Clients
Unit 6 Efficiently Handling the Check Out Process
Unit 7 Asking for Referrals
Module 4 How to Handle New Patient Calls
Unit 1 Answering New Patient Calls
Unit 2 Get New Patients Scheduled in 48 hours
Unit 3 New Patient Interview
Unit 4 Answering Dental PPO Insurance Questions
Unit 5 Second Opinions and Shoppers
Module 5 New Patient Appointments
Unit 1 Making a Good First Impression On Your Patients
Unit 2 New Patient Visit
Unit 3 Entering New Patient Information
Unit 4 New Patient Information How to be Efficient
Unit 5 Selecting Correct Insurance Information for Patient
Module 6 Introduction to Dental
Unit 1 The Right Amount of Communication
Unit 2 Diagnostic and Preventative
Unit 3 Restorative
Unit 4 Missing Teeth
Unit 5 Perio-Gum Disease
Unit 6 Tips For New Dental Employees
Module 7 Receptionist Training Evaluation Survey
Unit 1 Receptionist Training Evaluation Survey Form