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Dental Scheduling Coordinator Training Course Outline

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Scheduling Coordinator Training Video: How to Offer an Appointment

As a Dental Scheduling Coordinator, it is your job to get the dental patient to appoint into the schedule when you want them to. The way you offer the appointment can either make that difficult or very easy. This scheduling training video reviews the verbal skills to use that get the patient the options of appointments at times you would like them to appoint.

Most dental offices have a tight appointment schedule and knowing how to schedule efficiently and effectively is of the utmost importance to the entire dental team. The team relies on a full and accurate schedule every day. Dental office scheduling includes more than understanding how to schedule a patient. A deeper understanding of scheduling includes its various components, such as how to get patients to schedule and actually show up for their appointments, handling cancellations and managing both the doctor and hygiene schedules.

During this scheduling training, we will look at the many facets of scheduling, while addressing how successful scheduling helps your office meet their daily production goals and ultimately grow the practice.

Module 1 Understanding Scheduling
Unit 1 Dental Office Scheduling
Unit 2 Know Your Scheduling Policy
Unit 3 What is Block Scheduling?
Unit 4 Putting Blocks Into The Schedule
Unit 5 Effective Scheduling for Doctor and Hygienist
Unit 6 Monthly Goal & Scheduling
Unit 7 Using QuickFill Effectively
Module 2 How to Get Patients to Schedule
Unit 1 Importance of Hand-Offs to Scheduler to Get Patient to Schedule
Unit 2 Getting a Patient to Schedule Their Next Appointment
Unit 3 Getting Patients to Schedule 6 Months
Unit 4 Importance of Pre-Booking Appointments
Unit 5 How to Offer an Appointment
Unit 6 Doctor Schedule vs Hygiene Schedule
Unit 7 Handling Scheduling Issues
Module 3 How to Handle Cancellations
Unit 1 How to Handle Cancellations
Unit 2 Cancellation Phone Calls
Unit 3 Using Confirmation Calls to try to Fill Schedule
Unit 4 Steps to Fill a Last Minute Cancellation
Unit 5 Last Minute Hygiene Cancellations and No Shows
Unit 6 Dealing With Cancellations
Module 4 Confirming Appointments
Unit 1 Confirmation Calls
Unit 2 Confirmation Call with Patient Responses
Unit 3 Next Day Review
Unit 4 Next Day Reviewer
Unit 5 Shake the Flakes
Unit 6 Confirmation Suggestions and Resources
Module 5 Productive Scheduling for The Doctor
Unit 1 Basics of How to Build a Productive Schedule
Unit 2 Block Scheduling for a Productive Doctor
Unit 3 Time Study for Doctor Schedule
Unit 4 Filling Openings in the Schedule
Unit 5 Scheduling Outstanding Treatment
Unit 6 Red Flags in the Doctor's Schedule
Module 6 Building an Efficient Hygiene Schedule
Unit 1 Hygiene Scheduling
Unit 2 Overdue Recare Calls
Unit 3 Duties of Hygiene Coordinator
Unit 4 Confirming Appointments
Unit 5 Periodontal Overview
Unit 6 Keeping Hygiene Schedule Full
Module 7 Scheduling Training Evaluation Survey
Unit 1 Scheduling Training Evaluation Survey Form