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Ask Laura Dental Office Q&A

What’s the best way to handle patient no-shows?

What's the best way to handle patient no-shows? ANSWER: The office needs to be in control of their schedule and not fill it with flakey patients, so the best way to handle no shows is to get the patient’s commitment of the importance to show up, their agreement that they won’t not show up again without notice and charge a deposit to reschedule if it makes sense. Read More
Ask Laura Dental Office Q&A

Do you have advice for a front office team managing calls for a private practice and dental school?

Do you have any advice for this front office team managing incoming phone calls for a private practice and dental school? So it's a dental school but there is a private practice located inside the dental school. Inside the dental school, is the doctors that come through the private practice section of the of the school, essentially is full time doctors that are teachers there. Read More
Ask Laura Dental Office Q&A

How should this busy dental practice handle their quirky scheduling situation?

The dental office has kind of a quirky situation with scheduling. They have like a doctor that comes in in the morning and then a doctor in the afternoon. So they don't they have a typical 8 hour, they have an eight hour day, but it's not necessarily one Doctor all day long. There are four hygienist, they run two main production columns, and then they run a column of new patient and emergencies typically running seven chairs. They always schedule a new patient at 8:00, 10:00 and 1:00 and struggling with trying to get the Doctor in for the new patient exam and creating that five star service for that first appointment with a new patient. Read More

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