New Patient Appointment

Welcome to New Patient Appointments. During this course, you will take your proficiency in patient handling directly to the actual new patient appointment. As this is the first in-person glimpse the patient has into your day to day operations and how your office functions as a team, new patient appointments are your opportunity to represent the practice with professionalism and competency. The interaction you have with a new patient will determine whether the patient returns. This portion of your dental receptionist virtual training will direct you through the steps of a new patient appointment and how to approach each successfully. Front Office Rocks recommendsthat you complete Make a Good First Impression and New Patient Visit first. Then, follow with Entering New Patient Information, New Patient Information – How to be Efficient and Picking the Right Insurance for a New Patient to acquire the skills that ensure your new patient has been entered into your system accurately. After completion of this series, your office will be prepared to best serve the needs of your new patient.

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Successful online dental team training requires communication, planning, and starting off on the right foot. So we’ve created a “Getting Started Checklist” designed to help you and your team implement training.

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