Module 4 Billing Insurance  
Welcome to Billing Insurance. Billing Insurance is the fourth series in the Financial Coordinator course, here we demonstrate how to bill the insurance company. As you continue to hone your financial skills, insurance billing must be addressed. Here, we go into more detail about your role in filing claims, claim narratives versus appeals, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and entering insurance checks that you receive. The videos in this series develop your ability to expertly manage the entire insurance claim process from submission to receipt of payment, including important tips for entering insurance checks into your accounting system. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Filing Insurance Claims and Narratives versus Appeals first to understand how to file a claim and what documentation is needed before it is ready to submit. Next, complete Steps for Entering Insurance Payments, Explanation of Benefits, Important Tips for Entering Insurance Checks, and Entering Insurance Checks to break down the steps and detailed process of applying insurance payments directly to the patient account.
Unit 1 Filing Insurance Claims
Unit 2 Insurance Narrative vs Appeal
Unit 3 Steps For Entering Insurance Payments
Unit 4 Explanation of Benefits
Unit 5 Important Tips To Entering Insurance Checks
Unit 6 Entering Insurance Checks

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