Module 1 Understanding Insurance  
Welcome to Understanding Insurance. Understanding Insurance is the first series in the Financial Coordinator course. Here, we will take a close look at insurance specifics, such as dental codes, insurance terms and insurance claims. We will also go into detail about the responsibilities and duties associated with the Financial Coordinator role and its importance to insurance in your office. The videos in this series closely examine the foundation of understanding insurance codes, terms, and claims, as well as how to work with insurance companies to garner the most information you can regarding patient benefits. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Responsibilities of the Financial Coordinator and Duties of the Financial Coordinator first to develop a better understanding of the role and how to manage your day successfully. Then, complete How Dental Codes Work, Insurance Terms and Benefit Break Down Form to learn the importance of dental codes, how to decipher them, define vital insurance terms and how to use the benefit break down form. Finally, finish the series with Understanding Insurance Claims and take a closer look at how claims are processed and the impact it has on your office.
Unit 1 Responsibilities of the Financial Coordinator
Unit 2 Duties of Financial Coordinator
Unit 3 How Dental Codes Work
Unit 4 Insurance Terms
Unit 5 Benefit Breakdown Form
Unit 6 Understanding Insurance Claims

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