Module 3 Doctor Expectations  
Welcome to Doctor Expectations. Doctor Expectations is the third video series in the Office Manager course and in this series we address the doctor(s) expectations of you and what he or she is looking for in an Office Manager. In these videos, we look at the specific functions you manage in your office and how they pertain to the doctor(s) expectations, such as daily and monthly financial goals, practice fees and office security. Front Office Rocks recommends that you begin this series by completing What is the Doctor Looking for in an Office Manager and Understanding the Doctor first. Next, complete Dealing with Staff Issues with Tony Hatch, Tracking Against Goals, and Raising Fees to gain a better understanding of specific priorities of the daily operations. Finally, complete Office Security to take a closer look at how you can keep your office and financial information safe and secure at all times.
Unit 1 What is your Doctor Looking for in an Office Manager?
Unit 2 Understanding the Doctor
Unit 3 Dealing with Staff issues with Tony Hatch
Unit 4 Tracking Against Goals
Unit 5 Raising Fees
Unit 6 Office Security

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